Be Alert

olive can send you alerts according to your requirements – notifying you by email when your tank levels are getting low.

Also due to its accurate technology, olive is able to notify you of any changes any sudden oil level changes within your tank. This can be used as a convienient notification to let you know that your oil has been delivered.


With home oil users often being a target for thieves, your olive can alert you to a sudden drop in oil levels olive - alerting you to the potential problem.

  • the theft of a tank of oil could cost you over £500

olive delivers real peace-of-mind – letting you know when you need to order some oil and advising you straight away of any sudden changes to your oil tank level.

Switch to olive and relax
See what our customers are saying..

"A well thought through product that allows for greater visibility of usage, excellent customer service from the team, feel like someone is interested in my needs."

"Really easy to use, has really helped us monitor our oil usage and saved us money."

"We are really enjoying using olive, quite amazing how much oil we are using each day and we are not even in wintertime just now!"

"Wow - just saved over £40 on one order. Thanks!"

olive benefits

Save money

get a great heating oil price in your area...

Never run out

no more estimating when your tank is empty, dipping sticks or relying on LCD plugs...

Be smart

olive will give you the power to understand and manage your home's oil usage...

Be alert

olive will report any delivery, theft or leak to you within seconds...