How does it work?

olive uses the latest Smart Meter and internet technology to understand your home’s heating oil use and deliver your smart heating oil solution.

Purchase your olive online and we will send your olive Smart Meter direct to you. Easily installable you simply put your olive Sensor on your tank, connect the olive Modem to your broadband, login to your account - and off you go!*

*olive is designed to be easily self-installable but can be handed to a qualified heating engineer for installation if you require.

The Technology

Your olive Hub easily links to most consumer broadband modems and connects with your olive Sensor to monitor your oil tank levels.

Once set-up your olive then sends us your oil usage information over the internet to our secure servers in the cloud for you to login and view your oil usage through your pc, tablet or mobile device.

olive lets you monitor your oil use from day one – helping ensure you never run out, save money and providing you with the information to truly understand your home’s oil usage and energy efficiency.

olive is simple to set up and will allow you to monitor your oil use from day one – ensuring you never run out, saving you money and providing you with the information to understand your home’s oil usage and energy efficiency.

A window on your oil use

At olive we believe ‘knowledge is power’ and by logging on to your account you can

  • track you oil usage as defined by you – over time, in litres, £’s you choose
  • monitor the impact of lifestyle changes and weather on your heating oil costs
  • be alert – olive can notify you when your tank levels are getting low or change significantly

How much does it cost ?

Your olive solution is available online for 149.00 RRP and get the first 6 months free (thereafter £2.99 per month *)

Your pack includes your olive sensor, hub and all you require to connect and get online. Once registered, you can then use your olive to monitor and understand your oil use.

*Charged as an annual charge (£35.88 - less than 10p per day) and payable via direct debit - please see terms and conditions for further information

How do I get one ?

In order to keep our costs down olive is available to buy online only. Simply register, order and pay online today for your olive to be sent direct to you.

Switch to olive and relax
See what our customers are saying..

"A well thought through product that allows for greater visibility of usage, excellent customer service from the team, feel like someone is interested in my needs."

"Really easy to use, has really helped us monitor our oil usage and saved us money."

"We are really enjoying using olive, quite amazing how much oil we are using each day and we are not even in wintertime just now!"

"Wow - just saved over £40 on one order. Thanks!"

olive benefits

Save money

get a great heating oil price in your area...

Never run out

no more estimating when your tank is empty, dipping sticks or relying on LCD plugs...

Be smart

olive will give you the power to understand and manage your home's oil usage...

Be alert

olive will report any delivery, theft or leak to you within seconds...