Installation Guide

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Smart Sensor & Hub

Each olive kit comes complete with everything you will need to monitor and measure your heating oil. The box includes an olive Sensor for connecting to your oil tank, olive Hub to connect to your broadband and all necessary cables and plugs for connection.

olive has been designed to be easily self-installable but can be handed to a qualified heating engineer for installation if you require.

olive is designed specifically for oil heating users to manage and monitor their oil supply. You will need a suitable oil tank, a broadband connection to the property with a spare port on the router to connect the olive Hub and a spare power socket for the Hub to be plugged in.

Currently olive is not available for those homes without broadband however we are developing a GSM version for those properties that do not have access to the internet.

olive works using ultrasonics measurements and transmits a signal to your olive hub connected to your broadband. You may place your olive Sensor on your oil tank up to 200m from your olive Hub. It should be noted that obstacles such as walls, re-enforced walls, metal objects or metal buildings can however reduce this range.

olive is designed for all types of heating oil tanks. It is suitable for both old and new plastic and metal tanks up to 3m in height. Many tanks will have an existing 32mm pre-drilled hole which you can mount your olive Sensor to. If your tank does not have the pre-drilled hole select a suitable location on top of your tank and drill a hole using a 32mm hole saw.

If you have a metal tank you may require an installation kit - please contact us for further information.

olive has been designed to monitor diesel fuel, kerosene, gas oil types A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS 2869. olive can also be used to monitor other liquids such as water and Adblue but for suitability please check with us.

olive can monitor up to 4 olive Sensors using one olive Hub connected to your broadband. This allows multiple tanks to be monitored for those users who have more than one tank.

System information

Select ‘Usage’ from the menu or click on the Usage information tile. This will bring up a window displaying a graph of your oil use together with information tiles displaying your average weekly use, cost and CO2 and these measurements for the past 12 months.

Select ‘Orders’ from the menu or click on the 'Existing Orders' tile. This will bring up a window enabling you to order and by scrolling down the page you can see your pending and historic orders.

Select ‘My Account’ from the menu or click on the ‘My Account’ information tile. This will bring up a window providing options to update your details.

olive operates within industry regulations and calculates your tank readings based on 95% of its brimfull capacity.

olive estimates the number of days until an order is required based on the oil level readings it receives from your usage. If you are currently not using much heating oil this can cause your ‘Days until Empty’ to show as a long way off, however when you start to use heating oil again olive will receive this information and the calculation will become more accurate.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset this on the Login page or by clicking here

Coming Soon - olive can send you alerts according to your requirements – notifying you by email, text or phone when your tank levels are getting low. We will update you shortly when this feature is available.

Oil orders

Login to your account and select ‘Orders’ from the menu bar or ‘Order heating oil’ information tile on your front page. Choose your required fuel type and the required quantity, together with any specific delivery instructions. If you have a voucher code please enter it here. You will also be requested to enter your stored payment cards CV2 number to authorise the order.

Once you have pressed the ‘Order’ button you will receive an Order Confirmation email. We will then contact you again once the buying window has closed and the oil price has been negotiated.

The minimum order is 500 litres and many of our suppliers will only accept orders in multiples of 100 litres. If the supplier cannot put an order on the system for amounts in between they will round your order down to the nearest 100 litres and you will be refunded the difference.

Once the price has been confirmed you will receive a Price Confirmation Invoice email confirming the price details. You can be assured that the price we achieve will be extremely competitive and excellent value.

Payment is by credit/debit card through the secure olive website. All major debit and credit cards are accepted. There is no charge for card use.

You will be asked to enter your card details as part of your account registration or as part of your first online order. It will only be possible to place an order once a valid payment card has been stored for your account.

Payment will automatically be taken from your stored payment card 24 hours after we have confirmed the negotiated oil price to you in your Price Confirmation Invoice.

Members can safely enter your payment card details via the website and secure PCI DSS-compliant Payment Provider, which encrypts all submitted information.

To ensure the highest possible level of online payment security, all payments are secured with Security Code (CV2) Checks and operate on fully PCI compliant servers which are audited quarterly.

With our online Payment Provider you’re using one of the most secure online payment services currently available. They process millions of card transactions every year and guarantee 100% payment protection for online businesses and their customers.

All payment card details are held on the secure Payment Provider’s systems.

Not at the moment, but we are looking to offer this as a future development.

Heating oil quantities < 2300 are charged 5% VAT above this will be charged at 20% VAT, all our quoted prices are fully inclusive of VAT.

olive will ‘close’ at 12 noon on the deadline day and it will not be possible to add your order after that time. We hope to offer the opportunity for late orders to be accepted for approximately 24-48 hours after the order window has closed. This will not be available until the beginning of 2016 and it is likely that there will be an additional charge for using this late order window.

Once payment has been taken for the order you will receive a Payment Confirmation Receipt advising you of the supplier and any other relevant information. Contact information will also be provided should you have any queries.

Your oil will be delivered within 10 working days from payment being taken. It can arrive at any time up until that date. If you have not received your order after that time we will be happy to contact the supplier for you. Please be aware that this is an estimated time and at periods of high demand it may well be a little longer than stated, but our suppliers do try very hard to deliver within the estimated time shown.

You only need to be at home if the driver is unable to obtain access to your tank without you being there, or if you keep your tank locked. If you wish to be there please put "PHONE BEFORE DELIVERY" in the box when you place your order.

All deliveries are monitored by the tanker's meter and regulated by trading standards. Your delivery ticket will show you the actual amount of oil delivered, and this will be left with you by the supplier. If you are not at home during the delivery they will usually post it through your letterbox.

No, anyone that uses oil can join olive. Community Buildings (village halls, schools, churches, sports clubs and scout huts included) can order their oil, but you need to be clear about the type of heating oil you require (28 or 35 second burn) and be able to pay by card on the internet or direct debit (please contact us if you have any queries with this). Businesses can also join, but please be aware that commercial VAT rates (at 20%) may be applied for volumes above 2300 litres.

All the suppliers that we negotiate with deliver across all of the buying group region, even though some of them may send their delivery vehicles in from outside the county. If you feel strongly about only using local companies, then you may wish to contact your chosen supplier directly. We choose to use businesses in the region that can provide a good service at a very good price.

We have asked all the oil suppliers we use for their Environmental Policy so we can be assured that they are doing their bit to keep carbon emissions as low as possible. By receiving such a large order at one time, the oil companies can plan their delivery routes to be as efficient as possible, saving fuel and therefore reducing emissions. If you would like to see a copy of any of the policies, please contact us.

Delivery Vehicles

We will normally use a standard 6 wheel tanker, with a 100ft (30m) hose.

There are no standard tanker sizes between suppliers but there are roughly three sizes – a standard sized tanker (approx.10ft x 29ft), a medium or ‘4 wheeled’ tanker (approx. 9ft x 24ft) and a ‘baby tanker’ (approx. 8ft x17ft).

If you have limited access issues and require a ‘baby tanker’ then we cannot guarantee to be able to supply you with fuel as part of a negotiated order. This is because we buy from whichever supplier offers the best negotiated price and if the winning supplier has not got a ‘baby tanker’ then your order can’t be placed as part of the group order and corresponding price savings. We will however endeavour to provide a price for delivery from a supplier with a baby tanker.

If the Driver believes that the delivery is unsafe – for example because of a poorly maintained or sited tank or an offset fill, or because the delivery hose has to be run through the house, or access issues – we will not be able to make the delivery and we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your money. We will also flag your account as having limited access and reserve the right to cancel or charge a premium for future orders that need to be made from a smaller tanker, due to the increased costs charged by the supplier.